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v1.5 Release Notes

Release Overview

  • Added Mikrotik, fastiron, and Panos parsers.
  • Added function to allow conversion from Panos curly bracket to set format.
  • Updated Interface mappings for FourHundredGigabitEthernet and TwoGigabitEthernet.
  • Added Encryption/Decryption/Comparison for Cisco & Juniper Type 9.
  • Added Regex functions to primarily be used wihin your Jinja2 environment.


  • Deprecation of compare_type5, compare_type7, encrypt_type7, encrypt_type5, and decrypt_type7 in favor of vendor namespaced functions, such as compare_cisco_type5 and decrypt_cisco_type7 to take place on netutils 2.0.
  • Support for Python 3.7 is dropped.

[v1.5.0] - 2023-07


  • #223 Interface abbreviation for TwoGigabitEthernet.
  • #227 Add functions for encrypting and decrypting junipter $9$ type passwords.
  • #244 Added Mikrotik RouterOS Parser.
  • #252 New lib mapper to translate between normalized network OS names and names used by hier_config.
  • #253 Add encrypt_type9 (changed to encrypt_cisco_type9) function to netutils.password.
  • #261 Added function get_upgrade_path to provide the step upgrade path of to a new version.
  • #262 Added Palo Alto networks panos parser.
  • #262 Added Palo Alto brace to set conversion function.
  • #264 Added Ruckus fastiron parser.
  • #285 Added FourHundredGigabitEthernet to REVERSE_MAPPING.
  • #318 Added Regex functions to primarily be used wihin your Jinja2 environment.


  • #213 Clarify when Python 3.6 support was dropped.
  • #286 Move password helper names to be namespaced with vendor information. Assign new name to old name to not break semver.
  • #317 Dropped Python 3.6 and bump version of dev dependencies.


  • #217 Moved where deletion of branch took place in workflow.
  • #218 Create dependabot.yml to fix itdependsabot.
  • #219 Fix vlanlist_to_config failing on empty list.
  • #224 Add Interface type for Cisco App-hosting port.
  • #284 Add -f to flatbot branch pushes.
  • #304 Update hier_config docs and add fastiron to NAPALM mapper.
  • #305 Fixed OS Version docs showing in mkdocs.
  • #316 Update panos conversion function to strip out devices localhost.localdomain.
  • #317 Fix Citrix mock tests file location to correctly run.